Hey !!  Hope you are having a good day  ! ! My name is Panshul(pronounced as Paa-nshul). I am a delhiite and have been to Pune for studies,  Goa for work, Mumbai for trip, Karnataka for “Exploring nature” and Punjab for Food and some Balle Balle!!  . I love travelling and I prefer working in peace rather than a place full of people and discussions. I am good at dancing, photography(I think so), acting, playing guitar. This pretty much describes my nature of exploring and learning new things.

By profession I am a Developer seeking knowledge about new concepts and implementations. Don’t know why but more than projects I like to develop something small and useful with something new in the market. That helps me learn in a better way and decide which fits better in a specific situation(Problem statement).

Checkout Gallery for my best possible shots

Last but not the least, I care about nature and I always look forward to giving something back to nature 🙂